Education & Outreach  

Through our LBUSD school programs and our general awareness advertising campaigns, people are becoming involved. Thank you to all those schools and participants who are working to create a litter-free Long Beach.

General Awareness

The intent of the Litter-free Long Beach Campaign is to expand awareness of the impacts of litter – most specifically, how litter detracts from the safety of neighborhoods, property values, the economic vibrancy of business corridors, and the health of the natural environment.

2012 Contest

Long Beach litter-wareness programs are making a difference.

Litter Stinks Poster and Video Contest Winners


Plastic Bag Ban
to Reduce Litter

Long Beach instituted a ban on the distribution of plastic carryout bags by retailers:

Information for Retailers

Information for Residents

Reusable shopping bag giveaway events


The Litter-free Long Beach Campaign is a program of the City of Long Beach,  Environmental Services Bureau